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The first choice for mobility and rehabilitation products in New Zealand

Want more information? We thought you might, so we have added this page to our website to include lots of links to other sites within our industry - both in New Zealand and around the world. We've tried to group the links in a logical way, so we hope you can find what you are looking for:


Funding Organisations and Government Bodies


Looking to find more information on funding or what the criteria is for funding equipment in New Zealand?

Enable New Zealand
Disability Funding
Ministry of Health
The Health and Disability Commissioner
ACC Accident Compensation Corporation
Office for Disability Issues

Disability Information Centres


One of the best sites that you really need to bookmark is This site is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and is designed to be the ultimate source of information for people in the disability sector. And in case you're wondering…weka stands for What Everyone Keeps Asking about disabilities.

There are numerous regional based Disability Resource Centres throughout New Zealand - most of their addresses can be found online at

Another site worth a visit if you are after information and links to lots of support groups for as many medical conditions that you can think of (as well as some more!) visit

New Zealand Disability Organisations


A really informative site for people of all ages with all types of disabilities, who care about barrier free environments. It also has information on the mobility parking permit scheme, which CCS administers.

Neurological Foundation of New Zealand
WOW! This site sure is comprehensive - with information on a huge number of diseases that affect the brain and the nervous system.

DPA (Disabled Persons Assembly)
This website is for people with all types of impairments, the families of people with disabilities, disability advocacy organisations and disability service providers.

Specific support groups and information websites


These have been selected from organisations in New Zealand and overseas that have strong content and are generally sites for people who are users of our products or their families and friends:

A new website, advertising accommodation throughout New Zealand that is suitable for individuals with disabilities, be they wheelchair bound or have inhibited mobility.

Amputees Federation of New Zealand
This website has a guide that links amputees to a events that are happening in different regions of New Zealand.

• Also a good site to visit is as it explains many types of diseases and surgery relating to vascular conditions.

Amputee Coalition of America
Provides a link for peer support amongst amputees around the world.

Arthritis New Zealand
This site links through to a whole lot more sites – in the UK, Australia and the USA – as well as a very interesting link to a site dedicated to pet arthritis.

Alzheimer’s New Zealand
There is just heaps of information on this site – both for carers and for friends and families of people affected by Alzheimer’s, to help them understand the condition and provide support.

The Alzheimer’s Association (USA)
Though very American based, this site contains information on recent research in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s as well as links onto further sites.

Head Injury Society of New Zealand
A large part of this site is a personal story of an ACC provider, who due to an accident becomes an ACC recipient – a well-written personal account. This site also has links to other associated sites throughout the world.

Brain Injury Association of New Zealand
This site contains links to all of their branches around New Zealand, as well as an outline of all the training and education programmes this association runs.

Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand
A really informative site with links to Focus 2000 – a site dedicated to conductive education for children with motor disorders. It also has a great explanation of exactly what a needs assessment is and who is eligible.

The Bobath Centre
This website outlines exactly what the world-renowned Bobath approach of treating children with cerebral palsy is. It also contains information on upcoming training courses for medical professionals.

Cerebral Palsy Guide (USA)
This is a site created by a small group of professionals with a desire to educate and help people with cerebral palsy. Its aim is to provide a trustworthy, caring resource for families and individuals affected by this disorder.

Diabetes New Zealand
As well as up-to-date news on diabetes research and treatment – this site also has some great diabetic friendly recipes – YUM!

International Diabetes Federation
This truly global website (you can view it in French, Spanish or English!) has worldwide news on almost anything you can think of related to diabetes.

Speld NZ
Provides information, assessment and tuition to families, whanau, schools, businesses and individuals living with Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities.

Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand
A site designed for carers, family and friends of MNDers.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland
Wow – this website is really up-to-date – there are articles posted on this site from media all around the world only days after they have appeared! This is definitely worth book marking if you are trying to stay up to date with MS research.

American MS Foundation
This huge website is crammed with info and they also have a great newsletter that is frequently emailed out. Another page on the site worth visiting is the MS Friends Peer to Peer forum where people can get in touch with others in similar situations.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (NZ)
When visiting this site make sure you talk to them about subscribing to In Touch – the magazine newsletter that is crammed full of information as well as photos to show exactly what this very active organisation has been up to. You can also download fact sheets on specific types of neuromuscular conditions from this site.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (USA)
This site contains interesting articles on research that is designed to conquer neuromuscular diseases, as well as links to MDA Chat – scheduled chat sessions for specific interest groups.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation
A great website packed full with information about OI. The Living with OI information sheets are a wonderful resource and for kids with OI - check out the KeyPals link.

This site has been developed for parents of sick and premature babies. It has some great articles archived including one that tells you exactly what a VNT is.

Tell Us Your Story
This site hosts more than 1000 personal stories written, relating to people’s experiences with disabilities as well as 75 discussion groups.

Exceptional Parent
The magazine Exceptional Parent has been around for more than 30 years and is a great resource for parents who have a child with a disability.

The Parkinsonism Society of New Zealand
This site provides excellent questions and answers on Parkinson’s, as well as lots of valuable information on the disease.

National Association for Rare Disorders
This web site contains a large database of disorders - are great reference point!

Spina Bifida Association of America
An American site completely focused on Spina Bifida – encompassing everything from personal insights to advocacy to e-communities (on line chat rooms).

New Zealand Spinal Trust
Providing information, education, research and advocacy for support for people who have spinal cord impairment.

American Paralysis Association
This also links through to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation site.

American Spinal Cord Injury Association
This site is very researched based, with a large amount of input from surgeons and medical practitioners, and is designed to foster communication between professionals working in this field.

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand
This website outlines the services and resources that the Stroke Foundation provide to their 3000 members. It also has good book reviews by people living with stroke as well as some online support for caregivers.

National Stroke Association (USA)
Although very American, this site is crammed with information for anyone associated with people who have had strokes, or anyone who has had one themselves!

• Are you looking for information from other wheelchair users as to what products are really like? We can definitely recommend a visit to Wheelchair Junkies then!

Professional Organisations


We have only listed the New Zealand associations as most of these websites link through to the equivalent bodies around the world:

New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists
New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists
New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy Association
New Zealand Association of Hand Therapists
New Zealand Orthotics & Prosthetics Association

Manufacturers that We Represent


Allied Medical is very proud to represent the following companies in the New Zealand market. Take the time to visit their sites – but we have to be honest – due to the size of New Zealand’s population and limitations due to funding restrictions we are not able to offer the full range that may be promoted on these websites. (BUT if there is something that you are really keen on – let us know and we’d be happy to discuss it with you further!)
Allard International

If you would like to have your organisation's website link on this page, click here to send an email to our web team telling us all about it!

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