Emergency Evacuation FAQ's

There are many different types of devices that enable people to have more independence. As everyone has a different level of ability, not all products work for everyone and some may require training to get the hang of.

What are emergency evacuation aids?

The emergency evacuation aids are used by carers to quickly evacuate a patient in an emergency situation.

What is the benefit of a carer using an emergency evacuation aid?

When lifts are not accessible or a patient is unable to move quickly and easily in an evacuation situation, these products ensure a swift but safe and comfortable moving of the patient.

What is your range of different emergency products?

Our emergency evacuation product range caters to many different types of patients with differing needs. This includes options for smaller patients up to bariatric patients. Evacuation mats that can be used in unique situations ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible when they are moved. With all the evacuation mats, the patient can be moved without any need for a transfer. All evacuation mats have the appropriate handles and grips for carers to lift the patient safetly and easily. All aids ensure the patient will be secure and in the correct position at all times, with the use of buckles and grips.

What are the most important things to consider when purchasing an evacuation product?

When choosing an evacuation mat it is important to consider your own mattress to see whether a permanent evacuation sheet or overlay would be suitable.

When choosing a lifting cushion, consider both the seat and back support designs to decide which would offer you the most suitable support.