Fidgetbum FAQ's

So how does Fidgetbum work?

Fidgetbum’s stretchy fabric acts like a compression sheet, soothing users and creating the feeling of a “warm hug”. The proprioceptive input that it provides, offers comfort and reassurance, as well as the practical aspect of keeping the duvet cover in place. Young children benefit from the feeling of being snuggled up all night long, but the medical benefits of the compression sheet for older children and adults with additional needs or other conditions such as dementia, are extensive also.

What age is Fidgetbum suitable for?

Fidgetbum can help non-sleepers of all ages, both children and adults, however, we wouldn’t recommend it for children under 18 months, in line with safe sleeping guidelines.

Will my child be able to get in and out by themselves at night?

Fidgetbum was designed with children in mind. Its super stretchy - so if the child is awake, they can easily push the fidgetbum down and climb out of bed. It has a chunky zip, suitable for little fingers, as well.

Will it make my child hot?

Fidgetbum’s original purpose was to keep duvets in place and to stop toddlers from getting cold, but it can also be used on its own, like a sheet, in warmer weather. Made from a stretchy, breathable, cotton fabric, it is lightweight, cool and portable, so perfect for travel and sleepovers, plus, it washes and dries really quickly too.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer sizes to fit toddler and single beds. Other sizes are available for purchase by request including sizes for Double and Queen size beds. 

How do you put it on the bed?

The Fidgetbum goes under the mattress and zips together on top of the duvet. Users can easily get in and out by unzipping the Fidgetbum and it can be easily taken off the bed to wash.

Does the Fidgetbum come in different colours?

Not at the moment. Fidgetbum hasn’t experienced a high demand for alternative colours, so it’s not something they are planning to offer at present. When not in use, the Fidgetbum can be unzipped and tucked under the duvet bedding, so that only the duvet cover shows. That means the Fidgetbum is invisible during the day - so your child can enjoy their favourite bedding designs.

Is it as effective as Weighted Blankets?

Fidgetbum is being hailed as a safe alternative to weighted blankets, as it is designed to be used all night long. We have had reports of incredible success from users with sleep disorders associated with autism, anxiety, dementia and down syndrome, amongst others. Many Fidgetbum users have been able to reduce their medication as a direct and immediate result of using Fidgetbum, with several having reported completely replacing the use of Melatonin within weeks of receiving their Fidgetbum.

What are the sizes of standard New Zealand Beds?

Description Mattress (cm)
Single 188 x 91
Long Single 203 x 91
King Single 203 x 107
Double 188 x 137
Long Double 203 x 137
Queen 203 x 153
King 203 x 167
Super King 203 x 183

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