Portable Grab Bar FAQ's

There are many different types of devices that enable people to have more independence. As everyone has a different level of ability, not all products work for everyone and some may require training to get the hang of.

How much weight will a Bridge Medical Portable Grab Bar Hold?

The average healthy, adult human can generate about 60lbs of pull strength using their own power. That same average, adult human’s fingers generally straighten out or release at about 80lbs of pull pressure due to the sheer force on the digits. The Single Grip Portable Grab Bar has been tested to hold up to roughly 200lbs of Pull Pressure

** Test surface .25 Acrylic

What makes Bridge Medical Portable Grab Bars the best?

Bridge Medical designed and engineered their Portable Grab Bars from the ground floor up – actually consulting with Occupational and Physical Therapists as well as Orthopedic Surgeons during the design phase. This research led to a phenomenal, Patented design that not only works great, but looks great in any bathroom decor.

I’ve noticed that the rubber pads seem thicker and stronger than some other suction handles I’ve seen being sold in some catalogs. How are they different?

The key to safety, stability and hold strength lies in the composition of the rubber. The 4.7” diameter, ¼ inch thick pads are made of the strongest, most expensive natural, vulcanized rubber in the world. They are the strongest and most reliable on the market today. There are other Grab Bars on the market that claim to be strong, but many of them are assembled with suction pads made of cheap, soft PVC plastic material that cannot hold more than a few pounds of pull pressure. 

Where can I use my Portable Grab Bar?

At home, when traveling (these fit great in a suitcase or purse!) or anywhere you can attach our suction pads to a smooth, flat, non-porous surface. Our Portable Grab Bars are great for use on fiberglass and acrylic tub and shower surrounds, porcelain, ceramic, Glazed Tiles, Corian, Cultured Marble, and Glass (to name a few). Use it for a balance assist on the vanity or attached to the counter in the kitchen or while seated at a large table.

What is the diameter of the suction pad?

Suction Cup Diameters range from 4.7” for the BC201 (Single Grip), BC500 (Telescoping Grip) and BC400 (Telescoping Pivot Grip). Our BC600 (4” Tile Grip) is our only Portable Grab Bar with a 3.7” Suction Cup Diameter and is specifically made for 4” Tile configurations.

Will the suction damage my shower surround

No. Unlike permanent grab bars that require drilling holes into your tub and shower surround, locating studs and many times, hiring a contractor, Bridge Medical Portable Grab Bars install without tools and will not damage your tub/shower surround. Best of all, they come down and go up anytime you choose.

Will these Portable Grab Bars work on tile?

Yes, Bridge Medical Portable Grab Bars will hold securely to most smooth, flat non-porous tiles. The hold will sometimes diminish on natural stone and porous tiles.

Please note: The Suction Cups must not overlap with grout lines and the minimum tile size is 5 inches for our BC201, BC500 and BC400 models. The minimum tile size is 4” for our BC600 models.

Caution: You should always verify that the tiles you are attaching to are firmly attached to the wall board and not loose or in disrepair.

Can I use the Portable Grab Bars on drywall or wallpaper?

Our Portable Grab Bars are not recommended for use on drywall, wall board, wall paper, wood paneling, plaster or any other porous surface when being used for safety or support of a human. While they may appear to hold for a short time, the suction will diminish quickly and may not provide the necessary pull strength when you need it.

How long will the suction hold?

On a smooth, flat surface, the suction vacuum will hold for a very long time – sometimes even months. But, because all surfaces have a different porosity, customers should periodically remove and reset the Portable Grab Bar every few weeks or as needed, to ensure that the hold is secure.

Can these Portable Grab Bars get wet?

Yes, Bridge Medical Portable Grab Bars were designed for use in the tub and shower. All inner components are made of non-corrosive materials and will not rust.

Will these Portable Grab Bars work underwater?

If attached correctly to a smooth, non-porous surface, the suction will work underwater for short periods of time. The suction hold may be diminished underwater, so further care should be taken regarding use.

What is the length of the actual hand hold area on your Portable Grab Bars?

The BC201 Single Grip offers a hand hold area of roughly 4 inches.

The Telescoping Handles (4” Tile Grip, Telescoping and Pivot Grips) offer lengths that range between 6-19 inches.