How long does the button battery in the smart key last?

If it is a new button battery, it will last about 1~2 years. If a low battery icon appears on the display, it means the battery of the smart key is low, please refer to the instruction manual and replace the battery.

If I don't use Model C2 or F for a long time, should I remove the battery from the device?

When storing for more than a month, remove the battery from the device and fully charge it before storing.
Charge the battery at least once a month to make sure the device works properly.
Also, when reusing this device that has not been used for a long time, be sure to charge the battery and check the device operates normally and safely before using it.

How much can the storage basket of Model C2 be loaded?

The load capacity is 6 kg (20 LB).
The storage basket can be used by attaching it under the seat.

Can I have physiotherapy such as microwave therapy while sitting on a Model C2/F?

You can, but make sure you turn off the device and remove the battery before receiving the treatment. If the device is turned on or the battery is inserted, it may cause the device to be unable to operate correctly due to electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference.

For details, please refer to the "EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)" section of the user manual. You can reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference by putting the removed battery into aluminum cooler bag.

Is there a reclining function or tilt function?

We feel sorry to say that we do not have a reclining function or tilt function.

Can the device be disassembled even with the footplate adapter attached?

It can be disassembled.

The brakes are applied when the controller is released, but how long does the brakes and gears wear or consume?

There is no wear or consume on the brakes and gears.
It is controlled by the motor that stops when the controller is released.

How many walking stick holders can be attached to Model C2?

Up to two can be installed.
It can be attached to either the left or right side.

Can the app be used on devices without internet access?

You can use the app without an internet connection.
However, you must be connected to the internet when you log in.

When I operate Model C2 with the controller on the device, it can reach to the highest speed, but while I move it with the controller on the app (on the smartphone screen), it can't reach to the highest speed. Is it broken?

From the viewpoint of safety, all controls on the app (operations on the smartphone screen) are set to 2km / h regardless of the speed setting and mode.

I can't find WHILL app on iPad App store.

The search range may be "iPad only".
Change the search range to "iPhone only" and try again.

Please change to Filter → Support → "iPhone only" displayed in the upper left of the App store.
If you search for "WHILL" again, the app will be displayed.

Error code list for Model C2

If something went wrong with the unit, an error will be displayed on the controller. The lists below give a quick guidance of the error codes.

  • For detials, please refer to the attached files.
  • If you see an error that is not on the list and the solution does not resolve the issue, please contact your dealer or WHILL.


Can only one tire be replaced?

Is it possible to adjust the hardness when raising and lowering the foot support?

It can be possible to adjust it.
Please contact us.

Can the seat cushions be washed?

Yes, it can be washed.
You can remove the cover to wash, but hand wash for cushion body.

How do I unlock Model C2 if I lose smart key?

It can be unlocked with the app.

A gravel got caught in the front wheel (Omni wheel).

Normally, it will come off naturally if you are driving.

If you can see something caught on the outside of the front wheel (Omni wheel), you can try taking it out by yourself. However, do not use force or damage the inner mechanism.

If it does not improve, please contact us.

Should my WHILL require Maintenance, what should I do?

WHILL Personal EVs contain no user serviceable parts. Do not attempt to replace or repair any parts (including the batteries–Model A and Model M* only). Any service should be done by a WHILL-authorized service representative.

Our WHILL warehouse stocks finished goods and spare parts. All parts ship next day upon receipt of order.

To clean your WHILL Personal EV, wipe with a wet cloth or rag.  Only use water, and scrub vigorously to remove scuffs/stains from the plastic covers.

*Please note: As of March 1, 2019, Model M sales have been discontinued.

Replacing Tires:

  • Tires should only be replaced by a WHILL-authorized service representative.
  • Check tires regularly for signs of wear as directed below and contact WHILL Customer Support for assistance.
  • Tire replacement intervals will vary depending on the frequency and conditions of use.
  • Tires should not produce unusual noise or vibration when they rotate.
  • Check the rear tires for signs of wear or damage. Rear tires should have no visible deformation or flat spots.
  • Check the omni-wheels for signs of wear or damage. The rubber thickness on the rollers should not be less than 3mm

Can I take a WHILL Model C2 / F on an airplane?

WHILL Model C2/Ci2 & F/Fi rechargeable lithium-ion battery has been tested on UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part 3 Subsection 38.3 and certified to meet the applicable ICAO, IATA and FAA requirements. However, WHILL Model C2/Ci2 & F/Fi power chairs have not been specifically tested for air transport.

Please refer to the attached files in the right sidebar. 

Airlines require measures to ensure accidental activation of Model C2/Ci2 & F/Fi does not occur. You must remove the Li-ion battery from the device prior to handing the device off to airline personnel.

For additional information, most airlines have resources and services for individuals needing additional assistance while traveling. Here are links to popular domestic airlines accessibility services website pages:

Please contact your airlines for questions and additional support.