We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the first ever ATSNZ (Assisstive Techonology Suppliers New Zealand) Independent Living Expo - which is based on the very successful ATSA Daily Living Expo which has been running for many years in Australia.

This event will take place at the Ellerslie Event Centre in Auckland on May 23rd  2019 and has both a large product and educational focus. With more than 50 exhibitors, it also has two education streams featuring international speakers on a range of assistive technology topics.

We will be showcasing our newest products from suppliers such as Quantum Rehab, Ki Mobility and Leckey - many of which have only just been released at ISS (International Seating Symposium) in Pittsburgh last month. 

Entry to the event is free and will be an event not to miss if you work with or use assistive technology. For more information and to register, click here.

Click to view ATSNZ Expo website


Conference Program

Time Location Conference Speaker
10.00am-10:45am Room 1 Paediatric Powered Mobility: Earlier Intervention Rachel Fabiniak
11.00am-11:45am Room 1 It’s a Big World Out There Debbie Wilson
1.00pm-1:45pm Room 1 Assistive Technologies and the Power of Sport Raylene Bates, Dan Buckingham and Nafi Lefono
2.00pm-2:45pm Room 1 Power Assist: Navigating the Options Margaret Blake and Wendy Hartley
3.00pm-3:45pm Room 1 The Case for Bluetooth: Technology Leading to Independence Jay Doherty
10.00am-10:45am Room 2 Vision Loss: “Wearable” Technology Offers New Support for Pathways to Independent Living Olga Berkovsky
11.00am-11:45am Room 2 Product Design Meets Real Client Needs: An In-Depth Case Study Joanna Santiago
1.00pm-1:45pm Room 2 Is it Possible to Implement Safe Patient Handling with a Reduced Number of Carers? Ole Lindahl Thy
2.00pm-2:45pm Room 2 The ICF and Functional Outcomes for Children and Adults with Cerebral Palsy and Other Motor Disabilities Julie Sues Delaney
3.00pm-3:45pm Room 2 Technician Certification – Understanding the DMERT Credentialing and DME Repair Technician Matthew Macpherson

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