Our Trial Guidelines

As part of the process for people to find the right product solution for their needs, we are happy to work with assessors who are prescribing products that will be funded by the Ministry of Health or ACC to provide trial equipment.

The following are the guidelines that we work to and by requesting a trial of our equipment; the assessor should note the following:

  1. In line with Accessable and Enable New Zealand funding guidelines, items can only be requested if the application for the equipment to be trialled has been approved (we will need to know the trial approval number that has been provided by the funder for this item).
  2. As soon as we receive the trial request, we will advise the assessor of the delivery date of the equipment so they can plan their workload. We will also let you know if there is going to be a delay but we work very hard to ensure that the majority of our trials are dispatched the same day they are requested.
  3. All trial items are available for a time frame of 5 working days from time of delivery, during which they are the full responsibility of the assessor to whom they are issued.
  4. We can offer the option for a controlled trial with one of our team present, for a shorter timeframe when the equipment is of a high value, has a complex application or is in high demand.
  5. Trials are all deemed to be “dry” trials i.e. bathroom products are not to be used during the trial.
  6. If, for any reason, the trial needs to be extended, the assessor should notify Allied Medical as soon as this is realised. We are open to extending trials but ask that assessors keep in regular contact with us so we can do our best to support them. Sometimes trials may not be able to be extended due to product availability and waiting lists.
  7. Freight to the assessor (or destination requested by the assessor) will be paid for by the supplier.
  8. The items supplied for trial are to be returned to the supplier in as clean as possible condition (i.e. in a similar state to that in which it was delivered), complete with all parts and manuals. Items not returned from trial will be invoiced to the assessor.
  9. It is the responsibility of the assessor to package the trial item back up, in the original packaging and organise return freight, at their cost (or at the cost of their employer).
  10. As soon as the trial has been successful, the assessor needs to contact us and if needed we can provide an updated quote. If the trial is successful for this item (to ensure that all aspects of the application, funding and payment are completed in a timely manner) the assessor needs to advise the correct funder that the trial has been successful through the correct online system.

Allied Medical will not be responsible:

  • Where products have been modified, altered or used for any non-recommended use, service or handling.
  • For any loss or damage caused by any factors beyond our control.
  • For any indirect or consequential loss of any kind.

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