Aids to Daily Living | Arthritis

26 March, 2019

Written by Allied Medical

No matter the type or severity of arthritis, we have a range of Aids to Daily Living products that can help reduce the strain on joints and help regain confidence to complete simple daily tasks, allowing room to get on with enjoyable hobbies and events of everyday life.

The latest Ministry of Health figures from 2017 show that, in New Zealand, 17% of adults have arthritis. This is up by an astonishing 15% from the last survey in 2011. The statistics also show that more than half of adults over 75 have some form of arthritis, which can lead to chronic pain and become a major disability for older adults.

With over 140 different types of arthritis, there are many ways a person can be affected. Everyday tasks, such as dressing, cooking and hanging up washing can become a massive struggle due to pain, stiffness and a reduced range of motion. Limitations of simple tasks like these can become extremely frustrating and can reduce confidence in the ability to perform daily tasks. Self-esteem also suffers as people feel they become less independent.

The good news is that there are a huge number of different Aids to Daily Living available from companies like ours that make everyday tasks easier for someone living with arthritic joints.  These products can help reduce the strain on joints and help regain confidence to complete tasks that give people enjoyment in life – and that includes everything from preparing a meal to gardening.

Good Grips Jar Opener

Jars are a challenge for many people – not just those with arthritis. Machine tightened lids are hard to open for the first time – especially the likes of jam jars! There are a number of Jar Openers on the market – some work better for others but we’re a fan of the Good Grips Jar Opener. This device is designed to help people with weaker wrist strength to open jars. The soft, non-slip handle cushions your hand and absorbs the pressure of twisting the cap open. Its angled mouth allows for a range of different sized jars too. An added trick is to place the jar on something like a kitchen sponge to help hold it in place.

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AML Kettle Pourer

The simple task of making a cup of tea can become dangerous when wrist and finger joints make lifting a boiling jug painful.  This task can be done more easily and safely by placing an electric jug into a Kettle Pourer style wire frame. It allows the jug to pivot in the frame when gentle pressure is applied to the handle to pour into the cup.

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Button Hook/Zipper Pull

When your fingers don’t have the dexterity that they used to, the simple task of doing up a button or pulling up a zip on a clothing item can be incredibly frustrating. While it can take a little time to get the knack of using a Button Hook/Zipper Pull, this gadget is relatively easy to master and can make dressing easier again. The button hook is designed for a range of different sized buttons and the flexible wire easily slides the button through the button hole. On the other end is the zip hook, which links to the zip and is pulled up using the large handle.

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Long Handled Nail Scissors

Reaching down to trim toe nails becomes significantly more difficult as we age – especially if hips are affected by osteoarthritis. This task can be made easier using a longer handled pair of toe nail scissors. With a larger, elongated handle these reduce the amount of bending required.

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AML Push on Pegs

The simple task of hanging out washing is made more difficult by the challenge of squeezing spring loaded pegs. By using Push on Pegs this is made significantly easier as they simply slide down to secure clothes to the washing line.

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PETA Gardening Tools

Gardening brings so much joy to so many New Zealanders, but weak wrists and fingers can make simple tasks such as weeding and planting painful. This can be made easier using gardening tools with ergonomic handles and longer grips to give more leverage.

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