Is an iLevel Powerchair Safe?

21 August, 2018

Written by Allied Medical

Busting the myth that iLevel is unsafe and answers to common questions.


What is iLevel?

iLevel is a feature on Quantum powerchairs that allows the user to drive up to 7.2km (4.5 miles) per hour at 30cm (12in) of elevation.

How can iLevel help?

It can help with things like reaching for items in a cabinet, cooking, transferring into a bed, talking to a friend while on a brisk walk and quickly crossing an intersection.

How does iLevel work?

It works by activating two dual suspension lock outs, which increases stability to up to 7.2km per hour. If at any time the iLevel does not function properly, the power base will reduce to 1/4 speed.

iLevel is safe! Check out Quantum's video for more information.