New Karma Accessories

27 July, 2018

Written by Allied Medical

Introducing three new wheelchair accessories allowing you to carry personal items on the go.

We are excited to be offering these great accessories for wheelchair users to carry personal items on the go.

1. Wheelchair Backpack

The Wheelchair backpack is the perfect storage bag for larger personal items and can easily fit onto the wheelchair handles of any chair. With two pockets, the user can keep their larger and smaller items separate.

2. Ergolite Travel Bag

The Ergolite Travel Bag is an exclusive bag for the Ergolite Transit Wheelchair. With shoulder straps making it easy to carry, this travel bag is perfect for airline travel. The bag can also act as a storage bag to keep your wheelchair dry and in a safe place.

3. Pouch Bag

The Pouch bag is a small bag which can be worn three ways. It can attach to the wheelchair, attach to the user around the waist and also be carried slung over the shoulder. It is the perfect size for small personal items such as a phone, wallet and keys.