New Paediatric SOT Resting Splint

11 July, 2018

Written by Allied Medical

We are pleased to announce that Allard have recently introduced some paediatric sizes for their SOT Resting Splint - sizes XXXS, XXS and XS.

The SOT resting splint is designed for patients with spasticity or paresis of the hand and arm when the objective is to maintain or increase the mobility of the upper limb. The SOT is smooth, lightweight and has an aluminium core that allows adjustment to the desired position. The aluminium core is embedded into polyethylene foam and covered with fabric. The brace is delivered in a resting position, offering relaxation to the hand and may also give pain relief to the patient. The splint also provides a good biomechanical position that may reduce the risk of flexor shortening at the wrist and fingers.

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