Show Your Ability Highlights

11 March, 2019

Written by Allied Medical

Show Your Ability is done and dusted for another year. Our 2019 stand was our biggest yet and reflected just how much Allied Medical has grown in the last year.  

Our team had an incredible time travelling the country showcasing a selection of new and best-selling products and getting to see so many of our suppliers, assessors, dealers and customers in person. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand to say hello, meet the newest members of our team and view the incredible products we have available for you.

In case you missed them, the following new products were standouts at the show.

Leckey MyWay

The MyWay by Leckey is an upright mobility device that supports children who cannot stand or walk independently. With a max user weight of up to 80kgs, the innovative design allows children to explore and interact in an upright position whilst developing walking and weight-bearing ability.

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Just like the Splashy, only bigger! The SplashyBIG is a lightweight, portable supportive bath seat for kids and teenagers with disabilities aged 7-14. SplashyBIG can also be used outdoors for waterplay to give children access to new environments and join in with friends and family.

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Axiom Cushion Range

Paul Banz from Ki Mobility, flew over from the US to personally showcase the full Axiom range of cushions, on our stand at Show Your Ability. Every cushion was developed with the science of seating design elements of directed loading and surface tension reduction through the use of pre-contoured shapes, high-end, quality materials and superior cover design. With a glowing response from so many of you, we are currently in the process of finalising which Axiom cushions will best suit New Zealander’s needs.

The Liberty FT from Ki Mobility

The newest member of the Ki Mobility family is the Liberty FT. A tilt-in-space wheelchair that offers true portability, enables independent propulsion and provides the benefits of tilt-in-space.

Each chair is manufactured and customised to fit the individual and with the flip of a lever the back folds down for a more compact, portable package. The Liberty FT is designed for independent mobility, especially foot propulsion. The front seat height remains the same regardless of the tilt angle. Simply choose the tilt angle that provides the best pelvic stability without compromising mobility.

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Ribcap is where fashion meets safety. The protectors sewn into the Ribcap protects the head against minimum-risk impact. Ribcap headgear is functional, protective, fashionable, very comfortable and can be safely hand washed over and over again.

We currently have the Ribcap caps and a children's beanie on our website, however, we can supply all the Ribcap products on request. Click here to download a full Ribcap catalogue.

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If you’d like to find out more about the products we showcased at Show Your Ability or have any queries, please email us at