Staying Independent with Daily Living Aids

01 June, 2021

Written by Allied Medical

Daily Living Aids can be used throughout the home to allow you and your loved ones to stay safe and independent.

It’s often when we’re trying to do a daily task, something we've done many times before, such as reaching down to pick something up, read a recipe or get up out of our car, that we notice a change in our capability and things that were once easy are now a little harder. That’s where Daily Living Aids come in. Daily Living Aids are designed to solve everyday problems, for people who have mobility restrictions or struggle with certain daily tasks. 

We have a large range of Daily Living Aids, below are just a few examples of our best-sellers, starting with the Full Page Magnifier.

It is a great tool for anyone who struggles to read the small print often found in magazines, newspapers and books. This tool is ideal for anyone with minor vision problems, is lightweight and easy to use and offers 2x magnification. The large pliable sheet magnifier enlarges the whole page of print. 

Another area many people need a little help with is reaching for or picking up items off the floor. It’s often inconvenient and sometimes not possible to ask for help to reach or pick something up. 

Our Aluminium Reacher has an easy to manipulate grabber that is effective at reaching and grabbing what you need. Always very handy to have around you, particularly in the kitchen for those hard to reach shelves or items at the back of your fridge. This comes in two different lengths 660 mm or 815 mm.

There may be times when you just want to sit back with a cup of tea but avoid using your heavy kettle as the weight is hard to lift, position and tip into a mug. Our AML Kettle Pourer is a great example of how the right daily living aid can make all the difference in this common situation. This wireframe and cradle enable the safe and coordinated pouring from your kettle providing peace of mind. It fits virtually all common kettle designs and simply enables you to pour the kettle in full support - and you don’t spill a single drip.

Another safety concern in the kitchen is handling knives. Again, much thought has gone into this by designers and product specialists and a great example of a very handy kitchen aid is the Parsons Combo Cutting Board.

This device is especially appropriate for those who find it difficult to grip or for those suffering from arthritis or other conditions that make gripping difficult. It is also useful for one-handed food preparation.

It comes with a chef’s knife that is attached to the board so it can be utilised in a chopping motion and is easily removable for cleaning and sharpening, three conveniently located stainless steel spikes for securing potatoes, apples, etc. for peeling and a ½” food guard in the bottom left corner that aids with spreads. 

Have a look through our full range of Daily Living Aids. You may find we have the perfect solution for the independent living needs of you or your loved ones!