AML Bed & Chair Raiser

Moulded plastic raisers to raise the chair or bed, allowing the user to get in and out easier

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Moulded plastic cone raiser to raise a standard bed or chair up to 150 mm. Steady when in use.

  • Set of four
  • Black only
  • Socket is sloped
Recommended Maximum Load Weight 200 kg
Height 150 mm
Weight of Set 677 g
Socket Dimensions Top = 100 mm; Base = 125 mm; Height = 120 mm

Where can I see and try these items?

A large range of Resellers as well as the Disability Resource Centres around New Zealand have these items on display. Knowledgeable staff onsite are able to assist in finding a range of aids for any application and they can also order products on the customers behalf.

To find your nearest reseller, click here

Is it possible for these lower value items to get funded?

As many items are under $50 in value, it is not very easy to get these funded. It is recommend that you discuss this further with your therapist as it is possible to gain funding based on assessment.

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