Pride R40 Fusion Sample | Original Retail $6,256

The R40 is a highly versatile powerchair capable of handling the tightest of environments indoors, yet offering all the performance outdoors that you'd expect from a full-size rear-wheel-drive powerchair. Packing 4-pole motors and a 70 amp controller is more than ready for whatever you can throw at it, and thanks to its powered tilt 'n' space seating function will keep you safely in position the whole time.

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Rigid frame rear-wheel-drive powerchair

PG VR2 70-amp controller

Sealed 50-amp batteries (2)

4-pole motors

355 mm (14") drive wheels


Powered tilt 'n' space (20 degrees)

Padded comfort seat back and cushion 450 mm (18") wide X 400 mm (16") deep

Swing-away height adjustable leg rests with flip-up composite footplates

Removable height adjustable armrests

136 kg user weight capacity


By nature a rear-wheel-drive like the R40 will be a natural for maximum outdoor performance, providing greater traction than a mid-wheel-drive equivalent


  • VR2 controller
  • Integrated adjustable seating package
  • 4-pole motors
  • Power tilt
  • Tight space manoeuvrability
Drive Type Rear wheel
Seat Type Euro or integrated
User Weight Capacity 136 kg
Seat Width 16"
Seat Depth 18"
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 18"
Power Tilt-in-Space 20°
Power Recline No
Power Elevate No
Manual Tilt-in-Space No
Manual Recline No
Specialty Controls No
Overall Width 25"
Overall Length (excluding footplates) 35"
Ground Clearance 3"
Turning Radius 38"
Drive Wheels 14" pneumatic
Castor Wheels Front = 9" pneumatic
Suspension Rigid
Motor Type 4 pole
Electronics VR2 with 1 actuator function
Battery Size 2 x 50 Ah
Battery Type Gel cell (dry)
Maximum Speed 10 km/h
Warranty 2 year limited
Base Weight (excluding batteries) 47 kg
Battery Weight 17 kg each

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