Call to Mind Game

A playful communication tool that combats boredom & agitation in people with dementia.

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Call to mind… is a specially designed board game that helps get to know and understand the thinking, likes and dislikes of someone with dementia. This tool also stimulates memories and encourages conversations, both as the game is played and in everyday interactions. It can be played at home with friends and family or in the professional setting of a care home, day care centre, hospital or café.

  • Researched at University College London
  • Tested and approved by the Alzheimer’s Society
  • Combats boredom & agitation
  • Helps make conversation easy and natural
  • Non-threatening but stimulating
  • Easily tailored to a person’s abilities
  • Used by different generations including children
  • Findings can be recorded in the care plan
  • Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards

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