A unique sensory stimulating companion to help with unrest, dementia and stress.

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The inmuRELAX is a unique stimulating companion that embodies the wonders of interactive music, modern technology, soft vibration, and tactile stimulation. The inmu core values are simplicity, dignity, and safety. They are the guiding principles that have been front of mind all the way through design and product development as well as from interaction with others. Inmu brings moments of peace and joy to people who need it. To some it is a new companion and to others a professional tool.

There are days where you need a moment of relaxation and calmness, simply be able to control your breath and thoughts. The inmuRELAX helps regain your inner balance during day-time or find peaceful sleep at night.

The shape and soft fabric create comfort while holding it. The gentle tones and pleasant vibrations have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body and provide a feeling of closeness and safety. It has a pocket that makes it easy to hold on to - even for disabled people. There are no buttons, just touch it and it starts to play and interact with you.

The inmuRELAX is suitable for people with unrest, dementia, and stress. It reduces arousal, gives comfort, and reduces sleeping problems. It is also suitable as an activating tool.

  • 100% organic cotton or 100% polyester cover. Filling: horsehair
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Resilient - withstands shocks and drops
  • Consists of recyclable materials 
  • Up to 3 weeks between charging at regular use
Dimensions 22cm x 23cm
Weight 520g
Charger 240V or 110V enclosed
Battery Lifetime Lithium-ion battery (rechargable)