The inmuRELAX combines music, tactile elements, and movement in a soft interactive cushion that stimulates the senses. An electronic tool that enables users to play enchanting music without any prior experience – the music reacts and changes with the movements of the user. The inmuRELAX can help with agitation, anxiety, insomnia, dementia, stress, mental health conditions, autism and behavioural difficulties. Read below for more information.

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The inmuRELAX is a unique stimulating companion that embodies the wonders of interactive music, modern technology, soft vibration, and tactile stimulation. The inmu core values are simplicity, dignity, and safety. They are the guiding principles that have been front of mind all the way through design and product development as well as from interaction with others. inmu brings moments of peace and joy to people who need it. To some it is a new companion and to others a professional tool.

There are days where you need a moment of relaxation and calmness, simply be able to control your breath and thoughts. The inmuRELAX helps regain your inner balance during day-time or find peaceful sleep at night.

The shape and soft fabric create comfort while holding it. The gentle tones and pleasant vibrations have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body and provide a feeling of closeness and safety. It has a pocket that makes it easy to hold on to - even for disabled people. There are no buttons, just touch it and it starts to play and interact with you.

Inmu can help with agitation, anxiety, insomnia, dementia, stress, mental health conditions, autism and behavioural difficulties. It reduces arousal, gives comfort, and reduces sleeping problems. It is also suitable as an activating tool.

The inmuRELAX is available under a rental scheme - you can try the inmuRELAX and see for yourself whether it works for you or your loved one. Download the rental form in the downloads tab for full details on how to rent the inmuRELAX.

What people are saying about inmuRELAX…

“After our son got inmuRELAX he sleeps without problems. This has never happened since he was born 10 years ago.”

- Father to 10-year-old son with infantile autism.

 “Normally I would have been hospitalized—but that was before I got the inmu. When my hands are shaking, and I’m sitting with the inmu, it almost feels like they are cancelling each other out.”

- Nanna, suffers from a schizoaffective disorder

“The inmu improves the feeling of safety, promotes liveliness, prevents fatigue during mealtimes, gives rest and ease, prevents conflicts during daily toilet visits, personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, eases transfer by patient lift, minimises the amount of repeated emergency calls, and improves night sleep. In the long term it can help to decrease the use of sleeping and sedative medication.”

​- Conclusion from imnuRelax study with 50 participants

Please note colours available are as follows;

IN011 Blue = Blue Cotton

IN013 Sandstone = Sand Polyester

IN014 Pink= Rose Polyester

IN012 Dark Blue = Blue Polyester


  • 100% organic cotton or 100% polyester cover.
  • Filling: Rubberized horse hair covered with water-repellant polyester fabric.
  • Covers are machine washable (4O˚C washable for cotton covers and 6O˚C washable for polyester covers)
  • Resilient - withstands shocks and drops
  • The inmu is made of materials that are as sustainable, natural and hypoallergenic as possible
  • Three different volume levels are supported
  • Up to 3 weeks between charging at regular use
Dimensions 22cm x 23cm
Weight 520g
Charger 240V or 110V enclosed
Battery Lifetime Lithium-ion battery (rechargable)

What is Sensory Stimulation?

On a day to day basis, our senses are constantly stimulated by the actions taken and the environment around us. Sometimes focusing on one sense will help to trigger another sense, for example when listening to music you may automatically feel the urge to start dancing. When smelling delicious food, you’re already getting ready to taste it.

What are Sensory Therapy products?

Our range of Sensory Therapy products allow you focus on a particular sense to either help you relax or focus. Sensory products can also help stimulate other senses that are not prevalent in the user’s daily routine.

How does the inmu work?

The inmu is an interactive product that produces music and vibration, to help stimulate your body and make you feel comfortable. The vibrations follow the music, your touch and movements. The music is constantly changing to provide a new sensory experience to the user every time they use it.

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