Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles

Have all the benefits of the Peta Easi-Grip® Add-on handles without replacing all your garden tools.

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By simply attaching the Peta Add-On Handles to your favourite hand tools you can make them more comfortable to use. You can also use the Peta arm support cuffs with Add-On Handles too. By using two Add-On Handles set at right angles to each other on a rake or hoe you can carry out the task without twisting and bending, saving your back as well as your hands!

  • Peta Easi-Grip® style handle keeps the hand and wrist at a natural angle which helps prevent wrist discomfort
  • The two steel “Jubilee” clips with plastic wing-spade thumb screws can be fitted to any tool with a shaft diameter of up to 40mm (1.5”) so that tools can benefit from the ergonomic angled handle. Prevents need to replace existing tools with Easi-Grip® tools
  • Can also be added to long shafted tools such as hoes and rakes as it allows a wider working field and prevents the need for twisting and bending
  • Has a socket that allows for the plug in arm support to also be used. Enables some tasks to be completed one-handed (e.g. sweeping)

Where can I see and try these items?

Many of our Resellers as well as the Disability Resource Centres around New Zealand have a range of these items on display. Their helpful staff will be able to assist you in finding one that meets your needs and if necessary, they can order it for you.  To find your nearest reseller, click here

Is it possible for these lower value items to get funded?

As many items are under $50 in value, it is not very easy to get these funded. However, if you have had your needs assessed by a therapist then it may be possible. We recommend that you discuss this further with your therapist.

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