Allard Blue Rocker 2.0

The Blue Rocker 2.0 is a carbon fibre Ankle Foot Orthosis for those with complex needs. It provides extra stability and support to the user.

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The Blue Rocker 2.0 has a new look but is identical in shape and design to the original Blue Rocker. It was developed primarily for bilateral patients and those with more complex needs. The extra stability provided improves both balance and posture and gives the wearer greater security, especially for users with weak quadriceps muscles. Achieves excellent results when used in conjunction with a socket and toe filler for management of partial foot amputations.

Ideal for drop foot from neurological disorders such as stroke, MS, post polio, as well as Myelomeningocele, Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy. Also can be used for bilateral deficits such as CMT, Neuropathy and also severe spasticity and partial foot amputations.

  • This product is recommended for single patient use. Do not reuse on multiple patients.
  • Follow a qualified healthcare provider's instructions regarding usage
Sizes Available Footblade Length / Shoe Size (Euro)
Small 230 mm / 35 - 38
Medium 245 mm / 38 - 42
Large 270 mm / 42 - 45
X-Large 285 mm / 45+


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