Allard CoverKIT for ToeOFF 2.0

Allard CoverKIT is an accessory available to cover the ToeOFF. The CoverKIT sleeve slides over the anterior shell to provide a sleek and and discrete appearance.

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The CoverKIT 2.0 is another new smart interface innovation from Allard. The CoverKIT has a thin textile front to form a sleeve that slides over the anterior shell of the ToeOFF. It has a smooth and sleek appearance. The kit includes two narrow neoprene pads if there is a need to create a pressure-free channel for tibia prominences. If needed, the original straps, supplied with the brace, can be worn together with the CoverKIT™.

Sizing Footblade Length / Shoe Size (Euro)
Medium 245 mm / 38 - 42
Large 270 mm / 42 - 45


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