Selection Thumb Support Rigid

Selection Rigid support gives increased thumb stability due to the non-elastic fabric around the thumb section

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It keeps the thumb in a relaxed and pain free position. It is intended for mild to moderate arthritis in the first CMC-joint and protects the CMC-joint and the first MCP-joint.

The thumb support incorporates two elastic materials laminated together with a core of a more rigid material to offer the required stability and has no edging tape, permitting easy shape adjustment to fit anatomical contours.

Recommended application: Rheumatic arthiritis, after trauma, inflammtion, in case of hyper mobile thumb and wrist, after arthroplasty surgery and attritional wear.

Sizes Available
Small < 150 mm
Medium 150 - 170 mm
Large 170 - 200 mm
X-Large > 200 mm

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