CTM HS-745

This modern CTM HS-745 mobility scooter provides independence to users wanting to get on with their daily tasks without help.

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The HS-745 four wheel electric scooter is a full sized, deluxe road class electric scooter with a rear suspension and 160 kg user weight limit. The CTM HS-745 electric scooter has larger dimensions and has been designed for ta comfortable ride and can tolerate the likes of gravel paths.  Let it take you where you need to go - in style.



Maximum User Weight 160 kg
Motor Size 700 watts
Battery Size 12V 50 AH (2)
Battery Type VRLA (non-spillable)
Maximum Speed 12 kph
Range Up to 36.5 kms
Overall Length 1450 mm
Overall Width 685 mm
Overall Height 1060 mm
Ground Clearance 85 mm
Grade Climbable 12 degrees
Turning Radius 1460 mm
Seat Type 19" Tall Back Luxury Swivel Seat
Seat Width 480 mm
Wheels 275 mm front and 325 mm rear
Colours Available Blue or Burgundy

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