Karma KP25

The Karma KP25 is a robust rear wheel drive powerchair that gets you easily from A to B. It is a great cost effective option that can provide independence and mobility to the end user. The KP25 features a folding alloy frame that is lightweight, compact and easy to assemble and can be customised with numerous accessories.

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  • Standard rear wheel drive powerchair
  • Folding alloy frame
  • Programmable Dynamic Shark controller with standard joystick
  • Standard slung upholstery
  • Can have specialised backs and cushions attached


  • From 355 mm (14") to 508 mm (20") widths
  • From 355 mm (14") to 508 mm (20") depths
  • Up to 135 kg user weight limit
  • For clients used to driving rear wheel drive
  • Clients not travelling huge distance and using mostly inside


  • Clients who are able to use RWD chairs indoors or outdoors
  • Clients who prefer to use the basic Shark controller
  • Ideal for clients who require at home servicing with easy exchange of parts
  • Very stable over uneven terrain


  • Easily foldable frame, with batteries in separate boxes for ease of lifting
  • Height adjustable backrest - Standard Backrest Height 15.5" - Adjustments available upto 18.5" or 22" with tall backcane option
  • Pelvic positioning belt - designed to keep user well positioned in the powerchair
  • Flip back, height adjustable (11.5" - 18.5") armrests
  • Armrest length - one size 12" x 3¼"
  • Option of lowered frame (2" lower seat to floor height than standard) at no additional cost
  • 70° swingaway legrests, with calf strap 
  • Lower Leg Length - Standard 16" - 19" (with the shortest length achievable 13" and longest 19")
  • Reinforced cross bracing - strong but easily folded
  • Pump and tool kit for ongoing standard maintenance
  • Programmable Dynamic Controls which can easily be swapped to either left or right hand drive
  • Overall width calculated as the seat width plus 7"
  • Tube diameter - Armrest tube ¾"; Back Cane tube ⁷⁄₈"


Please Note: The KP25 14" x 16" uses 2 x 18 ah batteries

Drive Type Rear wheel
Seat Type Slung upholstery
User Weight Capacity 135 kg
Seat Widths 14", 16", 18", 20"
Seat Depths 16", 18"
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 19"; 21" option available
Power Tilt 'n' Space No
Power Recline No
Power Elevate No
Manual Tilt 'n' Space No
Manual Recline No
Specialty Controls No
Overall Width Seat width + 6.5"
Overall Length with no Foot Supports 29"
Ground Clearance 3"
Turning Radius 34"
Drive Wheels 12" pneumatic
Castor Wheels Front: 8" x 2" solid
Suspension Rigid
Motor Type 2 pole
Electronics Dynamic Shark
Battery Size 2 x 40 Ah
Battery Type Gel cell (dry)
Maximum Speed 6 km/h
Warranty 5 year on frame
Base Weight (excluding batteries) 36 kg
Battery Weight 13 kg each

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