Leckey Corner Sitter - Discontinued product

The Corner Sitter is a portable adjustable seating unit which provides appropriate support in long sitting. This item has been discontinued. We do have stock available in selected sizes. Please email helpis@alliedmedical for more information.

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The Corner Sitter provides a low level of support for the pelvis and lower spine to promote sitting balance and function from a seated position. It is designed with an integral handle for ease of carrying. Floor play is part of any child’s development. Corner sitting provides a floor sitting option for those with mild to moderate postural needs who can sit with some support or by using their hands. This makes circle time and floor play an option when hands need to be free for play.

The corner sitter comes with a hip belt and adjustable winged sides for those children who do not require a high degree of postural support. A pommel helps to provide leg abduction to encourage long sitting and hamstring stretching.


  • Adjustable sides for increased lateral support
  • Angle adjustable backrest for both prone and recline
  • Adjustable depth pommel
  • 45 degree hip belt
  • Integral handle for ease of carrying
Specifications Size 1 / Size 2 / Size 3
User Height 1165mm / 1330mm / 1630mm
Maximum User Weight 30kg / 40kg / 50kg
Seat Depth 335mm / 460mm / 550mm
Seat Width 380mm / 425mm / 475mm
Backrest Height 343mm / 441mm / 544mm
Weight of Corner Sitter 9kg / 11kg / 13kg

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