Leckey Pal Seat

Pal is an attractive, robust and easy to use classroom and nursery seating system for kids of 1-12 years of age, with mild to moderate postural needs.

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The Pal Seat is designed to give improved stability, which helps reduce fatigue and allows the child longer periods of concentration and fine motor activity. Available in 4 sizes and 4 colours it will help kids up to 12 years of age to participate, learn and give their full attention in the classroom.

The simplicity of the Pal Seat enables the therapist to assess the child's needs instantly. It is a really simple, fast way to help kids join in with learning.

Posture + Attention = Learning

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Pelvic Stability

When children are posturally unstable, they end up using excess energy trying to maintain stability and balance. This can leave little left for concentration, listening and fine motor tasks. Pelvic stability is achieved using a simple combination of two-point lap belt and side pads for lateral stability. An optional ramped cushion can be added if children need a little extra help to keep pelvis and femurs in alignment.

Trunk and Head Alignment

Maintaining the trunk in a midline posture translates into improved head alignment, enabling eyes to focus more easily, and contributing to improved reading and writing ability. Where a less upright angle is required, the backrest angle and armrests adjust to suit the child’s needs, and along with the large tray or table, provide appropriate posterior and anterior support.


When children are provided with postural stability, their functional abilities are enhanced. Pal’s additional features allow increased function. In the classroom environment the matching table provides a large surface for anterior support, feeding, writing and other table top activities. For small children, the optional high seat frame converts Pal size 1 to a high chair, ideal for feeding and inclusion at family meal times.

Leg and Foot Positioning

Supporting the femurs and feet is important for weight distribution and therefore comfort. The seat depth is adjustable for maximum femoral support and when children need additional help to maintain the alignment of their femurs, a pommel is available. Lower leg and foot support is provided by the height adjustable legs and footplate, contributing to pelvic stability.

Specifications Size 1 / Size 2 / Size 3 / Size 4
User Age 1-3 years / 2-5 years / 4 - 8 years / 7 - 12 years
Maximum User Weight 30 kg / 35 kg / 40 kg / 50 kg
Seat Depth 180 - 240mm / 220 - 290mm / 250 - 330mm / 300 - 400mm
Seat To Footrest 140 – 239mm / 165 - 284mm / 231 - 350mm / 284 - 406mm
Seat Weight 4.35kg / 6kg / 8.15kg / 10kg
Backrest Height 265mm / 315mm / 380mm / 450mm
Seat to Floor 160-240mm / 185-285mm / 250-350mm / 300-400mm

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