Leckey Sleepform

24 hour Postural Management Solution

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The Leckey Sleepform is a comfortable, easy to use nighttime postural management system. Portable and easily adjusted, each Sleepform system is made of several modular parts making it truly customisable without the requirement of cutting or complex shaping.

Use as much or as little of the system as you like to create an outcome that is just right. The Sleepform starts with a mouldable positioning cushion topped with a soft mattress to ensure airflow is achieved, thereby reducing hot spots. Cushioned chest, hip, neck and knee guides are then added to the mix. Finish with knee rolls and airflow pillows where required. This is a true recipe for success.

The Leckey Sleepform has been designed with 3 key age groups in mind, covering from birth right through to 18 years of age. As a result Leckey's range of comfortable Sleepform solutions are capable of creating supported sleeping positions for the majority of clients out there. The modular and mouldable nature of the Leckey Sleepform allows it to accommodate supine, side and prone sleeping patterns with the ability to adjust or change the pattern of sleep at any given time.

  • Accommodates supine, prone and side sleeping positions
  • Modular nature offers as little or as much support as is required
  • Sizes available for kids of all ages
  • Size 1 and 2 are suitable for a cot
  • Size 3 and 4 are suitable for a single bed
  • Sleeping positions can be changed at any given time
  • Sleepform mattress moulds to the client, offering a great sleep and excellent support
  • Temperature Control Sheet ensures an even temperature is maintained eliminating hotspots for a better sleep
  • Grid sheet allows the product to be precisely repositioned time and time again
  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Hand washable and easily cleaned
  • Fully supported by instructional DVD, selection guides and sleep diary
Sleepform Vacuum Mattress 950 mm x 950 mm
Sleepform Fitted Grid Sheet Size 1 and 2 Cot Size
Sleepform Fitted Grid Sheet Size 3 and 4 Single Bed Size
Sleepform Airflow Mattress Size 1 and 2 560 mm x 1180 mm
Sleepform Airflow Mattress Size 3 and 4 1000 mm x 2000 mm
Cushioned Chest and Hip / Leg and Knee Guides Size 1 Up to 1 year
Cushioned Chest and Hip / Leg and Knee Guides Size 2 1 - 5 years (Cot)
Cushioned Chest and Hip / Leg and Knee Guides Size 3 1 - 5 years (Single Bed)
Cushioned Chest and Hip / Leg and Knee Guides Size 4 5 - 18 years (Single Bed)
Under Mattress Straps Size 1 and 2 230 mm x 330 mm
Under Mattress Straps Size 3 and 4 450 mm x 650 mm


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