Leckey Squiggles Standing Frame

Suitable for kids up to 5 years in age, this one size fits all stander can be adjusted from prone to supine in a matter of minutes. A gas operated, wheeled chassis allows the angle to be altered with the child still in the frame. The Squiggles Stander offers a great range of postural adjustment to ensure a suitable level of support is achieved.

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Multi-position stander for younger children. The wide range of adjustability offered by the chest, hip, and knee supports and the head support in Supine, provides clinicians with the tools to position a large range of children in the same product. This is one of our most popular products with an extremely high level of success on trial.

The Standing Support

  • Growth and adjustability that accommodates kids up to 5 years without the need for additional parts
  • Height, depth, width and angle adjustable chest and separate pelvic support
  • Cushioned sternum pad and knee supports ensure comfort and stability are maximised
  • Attractive design and great colours result in a less clinical look
  • Changes easily between prone and supine

Pivot Chassis

  • Foldable for storage and transport
  • Gas operated and can be adjusted with child in frame
  • 70 Degree angle adjustment
  • Castors

Mobile Chassis

  • Unique suspension design helps ensure wheels remain on the ground over uneven terrain
  • 24 or 27" wheels with depth adjustable hand rail
  • Drum locking brakes
  • Allows prone or supine set up with built in angle adjustment
  • Large wheels can be removed for indoor use as a static prone or supine stander
  • New transparent tray means kids have a clear view forward when exploring and moving


Specifications Measurements
Age (approximately) 1 to 5
Maximum User Weight 22 kg
Upright Yes
Prone (Angle Adjustable) 90 - 70 deg
Supine Yes
Wheeled Yes (on Pivot Chassis)
Height Adjustable Yes
Body Height Minimum 750 mm (29.5")
Body Height Maximum 1110 mm (43.3")
Chest Plate Height Minimum 550 mm (21.5")
Chest Plate Height Maximum 820 mm (32")
Width Between Chest Laterals Minimum 160 mm (6.3")
Width Between Chest Laterals Maximum 230 mm (9")
Base Length 700 mm
Base Width 550 mm
Activity Tray Depth 460 mm
Activity Tray Width 560 mm
Wipeable Padding Yes
Removable Padding Yes

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