Leckey Squiggles+ Standing Frame

An extremely versatile three-in-one stander for children aged 1-5 years. By standing in the Squiggles+, children bear their weight through their bones and joints, which helps shape them while increasing their strength. Evidence would suggest that standing has a beneficial effect on hip joint formation. Standing stretches tight muscles and provides an alternative position. Socially, standing is also important as it enables interaction with their peers at the same level.

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3-in-1 Design

The Squiggles+ Stander is an extremely versatile 3-in-1 stander, offering prone, upright and supine standing in one product. Prone position provides anterior support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of upper extremities. The upright position is designed for users with good balance and trunk control but cannot stand independently. Supine position supports the back of the body while offering lateral and anterior supports to maintain alignment.

Hip Abduction

Hip Abduction now achievable, 60 degrees bilaterally. With a measurement gauge to monitor and aid repeatability. Hip laterals also shift in sync with the legs as they move through the arc of abduction.

Advanced Knee Support Design

Larger, more comfortable medial knee supports to distribute pressure, especially in abducted standing. Advanced wrap support to maintain knee in neutral flexion or extension.

Independent Footplates

Individually adjustable footplates allow you to set each footplate to different heights. This accommodates leg length discrepancies while providing support to both legs.

Improved Pivot Base

Improved pivot base accommodates hip abduction and facilitates horizontal loading from 90 to 160 degrees. The new foot pedal eases caregiver effort while providing a more stable platform to transfer the child onto.

Activity Tray

Activity tray with improved height and adjustability accommodates the smallest users. Whether prone or supine, the tray with optional grab rail can be used to facilitate table top activities while in the standing position.

Height-Adjustable Push Handle

New height-adjustable push handle helps make positioning the child during standing therapy, easier. The height-adjustable push handle can be folded for ergonomic use and lowered for prone use.

Please note: Trial units available in purple only. Blue, Red and Red Vinyl are indent only.

Contact your Business Territory Manager or email helpis@alliedmedical.co.nz for more information or to book in a demonstration.

Squiggles Plus includes:

  • Footplates
  • Pivot Base
  • Tray attachment
  • Knee supports with cover
  • Chest & hip lateral supports
  • Standard model with support shell
  • Hip & chest support with sternum prompt


Stander Covers include:

  • Support harnesses (2)
  • Chest cushion (1)
  • Hip cushion (1)
  • Chest lateral cushions (pair)
  • Knee supports (pair)
  • Pelvic support harness (1)
  • Spine cap cover (1)
Specifications Measurements
Age (approx) 1-5
Max User Weight 22kg
User Height 750mm - 1110mm
Chest Support Angle adjustment +/-30°, Depth adjustment 50mm
Chest Support Height (footplate to armpit) 550mm - 820mm
Chest Width (distance between laterals) 160mm - 230mm
Hip Support (height from footplate to mid buttocks) 300mm - 530mm
Distance Between Midline of Knees 140mm - 215mm
Footplate Angle Plantarflexion 10° / Dorsiflexion 10°
Tray Height - Prone (footplate to top of tray) 555mm - 800mm
Tray Height - Supine (footplate to top of tray) 480mm - 800mm
Tray Angle Adjustment Prone 30° / Supine 40°

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