Ottobock Elevating Swivel Unit For Channel Forearm Pads

Easy changes to the angle of the armrest to allow for ergonomic positioning

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The angle of the forearm can be set from 0° to 12° or 25°.  Horizontally, it is possible to choose between two adjustable rotation functions:

  1. Free and continuous - the stop pin is raised and it rotates 180°. 
  2. Incremental adjustments of approximately 90° - the stop pin must be placed in the lock-in position. 

By shifting the angle lock bale and turning the tube attachment clamps, the elevating swivel unit can be used for the left and right side.

Is Universal and fits left or right armrest side, however, the sizes vary depending on the tube size - 3/4", 7/8" or 1".

NB: Karma 8000 Series uses the 3/4" size

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