Ottobock Procontour Back 4

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The ProContour Back 4 is ideal for users who require aggressive upper body support and manipulation of the entire back surface.  It provides excellent pressure relief for client's using tilt-n-space wheelchairs and power chairs, when they transfer their body weight onto the back rest.  The adjustable Floam cells allow for customisation and can accommodate any spinal curvature such as a scoliosis.

This back includes extended foam covered heat mouldable plastic laterals that can be modified to create the necessary support for the individual user.  There is the option of full laterals (offering lateral support from the top of the Back down) or teardrop laterals (ideal for clients who need lower trunk support and wish to self-propel).

The ProContour Back 4 is available in two sizes and each size is adjusted to three different widths.  The narrow size fits 15-17 inch chairs (factory set at 16 inches).  The standard size fits 18-20 inch chairs (factory set at 18 inches).

All Ottobock ProContour Backs feature a flip-lock quick release system for easy and secure installation or removal from the wheelchair.  The lower back brackets can be mounted in front of the backcane to decrease the seat depth, or behind the backcane to increase the seat depth.

Two durable mounting brackets are offset from the spine for easy-to-reach adjusting. It is predrilled for headrest bracketry.

Frame Composition Composite plastic
Cushion composition Foam and Floam cell packs
Cover Type Three way stretch lycra
Customisable Yes - laterals can be heat moulded, changeable Floam cells for customisation
Size Range 15" - 17" wide (factory set at 16"), 18" - 20" wide (factory set at 18")
Weight 3.2 kg
Release System Flip-lock quick release
Diameter of back cane tubing 3/4", 7/8", 1"
Predrilled to fit headrest Yes
Lateral Support Full
Back Height 16"
Back Angle of Adjustment -12 deg/+9 deg
Seat Depth Adjustment N/A
Warranty 2 years
Optional Extras (other) Tall Back Extension, additional Floam cells
Maintenance required None

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