Centre Mount Power Articulating Foot Platform

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The centre-mount articulating foot platform maintains the correct knee-to-heel measurements when the user’s legs are being elevated. The centre-mount articulating foot platform elevates to 170°, has standard calf pads that are depth and height adjustable, has a maximum weight capacity of 204 kg, and has an operating temperature of 4°C to 40°C.

It is available with all TRU-Balance Power Positioning Systems. The articulating foot platform operates through the power chair controller or toggle switch.

Seat to Footrest lengths available from 10" - 19" with an extra 3" of adjustability.

5x8" or 5x11" Footplate options with 3 plate extensions  and 2 edge options available

  • 4" Foot Platform Edge
  • 6" Foot Platform Edge
  • 8" Plate Extension
  • 11" Plate Extension
  • "Bell" Plate Extension

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