iLevel® REAC Lift and Tilt

iLevel® REAC Lift and Tilt offers safe eye level operation at the speed of life.

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iLevel's advanced functionality and stability strengthens independence and quality of life. iLevel improves access to one's environment and enhances social interaction.

  • Provides enhanced social interaction and greater environmental access
  • Allows operation of the powerchair with the seat elevated (up to 10") while at walking speed (up to 5.6 kph).
  • Four-point mounting system delivers added stability and maintains low seat-to-floor heights
  • Available with Power Recline, Power Front Riggings, and TRU-Comfort Seating
  • Available exclusively on Edge® 2.0 powerchair
  • Faster actuators allow for 10" of lift in 16-24 seconds
  • Full elevation with single activation of a switch
Vertical Lift 10"
Posterior Tilt 55 degrees
Width Growth 4" on chair

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