Q-Logic Advanced Actuator Module

The Actuator Module drives up to 5 powered seat functions

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Driving the powered seat functions (where fitted) is the job of the Q-Logic Advanced Actuator Module (AAM), a unit set up to run up to five powered functions, either independently or simultaneously.

Programming of this module extends to such things as actuator speed, actuator acceleration and deceleration and allows specific configuration of individual actuator ranges of movement.

The Advanced Actuator Module also features an additional auxiliary 12 volt power supply for the safe powering of any accessory devices e.g. communication devices and laptops, without fear of damage to the chair's batteries.

There is also an option for a smaller 2 channel Advanced Actuator Module (AM2). This fits neatly under the seat pan making for a very clean and minimal installation. It also frees up space on the back canes for aftermarket back rests and other accessories. 

The AM2 (PRIDECTLDC1564) can be mounted to the seat frame with the AM2 bracket (PRIDEDWR1010E765).