Synergy Power Tilt-in-Space

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Incorporating all of the features present in the Synergy Seat, but offering 55° of weight-shifting (as opposed to fixed-pivot) posterior tilt-in-space. The tilt unit can be configured, using pivoting mounting posts, to offer up to 10-degrees of anterior tilt if need be, without any additional cost.

The centre-of-gravity adjustment on the tilt unit is offered via four set 1" incremental holes in the base of the tilt unit. These holes allow the tilt unit to be compatible with each powerbase within the Pride range.

Q-Logic Electronics allow the clinician to set:

  • Max tilt angle 
  • Drive cut out angle
  • Cut out angle to include backrest recline when fitted

The Synergy tilt is available in the following sizes (each with 4" of on chair width adjustment):

  • 10"w - 14"w
  • 14"w - 18"w
  • 16"w - 20"w
  • 20"w - 24"w