Tru-Balance® 3 REAC Lift and Tilt

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The REAC Lift and Tilt system complements the TRU-Balance® 3 seating system by allowing a massive 13" of lift as well as 50º of posterior tilt.

The Lift and Tilt also sits low on the chair, allowing a 17" seat to floor height to be achieved (depending on the powerbase used) and can be easily retrofitted to most Quantum complex powerchairs.

With the power of Q-Logic® 3 Electronics it allows the clinician to set:

  • Max tilt angle 
  • Drive cut out angle
  • Cut out angle to include backrest recline when fitted

As with both the Static seating and the Tilt-in-Space system the Tru-Balance® 3 Lift and Tilt is available in the following sizes (each with 4" of on chair width adjustment):

  • 12" - 16"
  • 16" - 20"
  • 20" - 24"
  • 24" - 28"

The amount of depth adjustment of each seat is relative to the maximum seat width that it has.

NOTE: If a client requires a long depth, but narrow seat width, we have the ability to narrow the seat accordingly.

  • Provides enhanced social interaction and greater environmental access
  • Four-point mounting system delivers added stability and maintains low seat-to-floor heights
  • Available with Power Recline, Power Front Riggings, and TRU-Comfort Seating
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Vertical Lift 12"
Posterior Tilt 50º
Width Growth 4" on chair