Tru-Balance® 3 Power Reclining Backrest

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This is an independent option and can be fitted to any seat within the TRU-Balance® 3 range, regardless of it having tilt-in-space.

It offers powered recline to 170-degrees, and comes standard with a shear-reduction mechanism which allows the back to migrate up the backcanes as the number of recline increases. The speed at which this task occurs can be adjusted to suit, through a scissor mechanism attached to the pan of the back itself.

The armrests are also of a reclining style, that pivot from the backcane and sideframe of the chair, to allow the client to remain visual and physically engaged with the controller even when fully reclined.

The TRU-Balance® 3 manual recline backcane assembly is available to fit any size chair from 10"w - 24"w, and still allows the same manner of depth adjustment as the standard Synergy seat backcanes would allow.

Available on Q6 Edge 2.0, Q6 Edge HD, Q6 Edge Z, 4Front®, and J623

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