Ribcap Chessy Red Kids Beanie

RibCap Chessy is a modern looking soft protective helmet for your kid(s) in need of an epilepsy helmet, autism helmet, or a general seizure helmet.

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Perfect to be worn in all variants of winter season, the integrated fleece keeps the head warm in addition to providing head protection against any injury for an entire day. Kids in need of head protection are often reluctant to wearing those bulky helmets that set them apart from other kids. They like to belong to the community they live in. RibCap Chessy is the soft protection helmet that your kid has been wishing for, because it protects your kid and keeps him/her fashionable at the same time. Regardless of what medical condition has been keeping your kid from wearing head protection, RibCap presents to you the fashionable soft protective helmet with high-end thick breathable foam that your kid will love wearing – all day long.

•    Ribcap is based on a totally new idea: soft protection with style! 

•    Unique - no comparable product on the market 

•    Light and comfortable to wear 

•    100% breathable 

•    Washable

•    Foldable and storable  

•    2 different sizes for a perfect fit (midi/maxi)

•    Weight: 200g

•    Extra big earflaps to protect on cold days 

Sizes Available Adjustable size
Mini (Kids Small) 47 cm - 49 cm
Midi (Kids Medium) 50 cm - 52 cm
Maxi (Kids Large) 53 cm - 55 cm

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