Ride Designs Java Back Tall

The Java Back’s patented biomechanical design provides the flexibility to easily and independently optimise pelvic support and balance the trunk, supporting the normal rhythm and movement of the body. The user experiences comfort and stability at rest, and no interference with function and mobility. With a new lighter, more rigid hardware with a simpler compact profile, the Ride Designs Java back supports are an accurate fit for peak performance.

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The Java Back is most effective when coupled with a Ride Designs wheelchair cushion to aid in postural control and help reduce risk for tissue injury. 

Product Features:

  • Biomechanically designed
  • 3 heights and 2 depths available in each size
  • Lighter, more rigid
Frame composition Aluminium shell
Cushion composition Closed cell foam
Cover type Spacer knit fabric
Customisable No
Size range (width) 14-20"
Weight Up to 1.7kg
Release system Easy - one hand
Diameter of back cane tubing 3/4" - 1"
Predrilled to fit headrest No
Lateral support Optional
Back Height 18"
Back angle of adjustment -5 / +15
Seat depth adjustment 2"
Warranty 2 years, excluding cover
Optional extras (other) Lateral supports
Maintenance required None

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