Stealth Gatlin Flip-Up Midline Joystick Mounting System

Gatlin 8 Position Armrest Mount for Quantum Q-Logic controls

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The Gatlin flip-up midline joystick mounting system allows for a joystick to be mounted anywhere across the midline of the power chair, and incorporates for height and angle adjustment of the controller to gain optimum positioning for driving. The mounting has a spring-loaded mechanism to allow it to be easily lifted down beside the chair when not required.

There is a comprehensive range of mounting options to interface the Gatlin mount with various types of hand controls, joysticks or other accessories.

SPGAT456Q - Stealth mount for Q-Logic standard hand control

SPGAT441M - Stealth mini tray with mini joystick mount

SPGAT452-Q - Stealth mount for Q-Logic stand alone joystick

SPGAT490 - Stealth Gatlin mini proportional joystick mount

SPGAT497 - Stealth precision mini joystick mount