Varilite Junior Back - Deep

Lightweight and easy to use, the JUNIOR Back Support Deep is perfect for children who need a little extra support. Moderate positioning is achieved using an adjustable VARILITE air-foam floatation cushion, a deep-contoured shell and versatile mounting hardware that allows for growth.

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Designed specifically for children using anthropometric data, the VARILITE JUNIOR line features a full range of size-appropriate seating and positioning items to support children in their mobility devices, allowing them to go where their imagination takes them.

Product Features:

  • Compact, minimal design that directs focus to the child, not the equipment
  • Simple adjustments that allow the back system to grow with the child
  • Lightweight air-foam construction couple with lightweight aluminium that allows for the child to manually propel with ease
  • Simple operation which allows for less time fussing with hardware and more time on the go
Fits Wheelchair Sizes 9 - 11" (230 - 280 mm)
Back Height 9.25" (235 mm)
Inside Width of Support Surface 8.9" (226 mm)
Removable to allow chair to fold Yes
Maintenance Required Reinflating the air/foam pocket on a weekly basis will extend the life of the backrest
Weight (including hardware) 1.3 kg

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