Ki Mobility Rogue XP

Focus your effort on pushing your limits... not your chair.

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Rogue XP is the ultimate performance chair; encouraging you to embrace your personal style at the age when you care the most. It gives you the necessary built-in growth; no need to compromise fit, function, ride or style.

Each chair is manufactured and customised to fit each individual.

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  • Fixed frame wheelchair
  • Adjustable frame for growth
  • Creative freedom - ability to customise your chair
  • Maximum adjustment and growth ability so fit, function and ride are optimised
  • Integrated swing-away armrests
  • Combination of rigidity and reduced vibration dampening for an ultra-responsive ride
  • Adjustable dynamic 5th wheel
  • Easy to transport
  • WC-19 transit approved
  • Spinergy release cable
  • Recognition & protection - Rogue aluminium badge to protect the front wing from scratches
  • Multi-customisable options - refer to script for full details
Material Aluminium series 7000
Seat Widths 10" to 18"
Seat Depths 10" to 20"
Folding Frame No
Tilt-in-Space No
Recline No
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 13.5"
Standard Footrest Style Tubular "Open" Footplate
User Weight Limit 90.72 kg
Total Unit Weight 4.26 kg
Seating Slung upholstery
Armrests Height adjustable
Brakes Push to lock, Scissor lock
Rear Wheel Size 18", 20", 22", 24", 25"
Castor Size 0.75" - 1.5"

What happens if I need to make a warranty claim on a Ki Mobility wheelchair that has been purchased previously?

Allied Medical will handle all new warranty claims from 16 October, with the support of the team at Ki Mobility

Can I source spare parts for Ki Mobility wheelchairs that I receive from the reissue store?

Yes, spare parts for all Ki Mobility products are available through Allied Medical. To help us find the right parts please make sure you let us know the wheelchair’s serial number.