Ki Mobility Liberty FT

The Ki Mobility Liberty FT is a tilt-in-space wheelchair that offers independent propulsion to the user.

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A chair that offers true portability, enables independent propulsion and provides the benefits of tilt-in-space.

Each chair is manufactured and customised to fit each individual.

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  • Tilt-in-space wheelchair
  • Portability - it is the only adult tilt-in-space that can fold into a portable package ideal for transportation
  • Liberty utilitizes the most recent technologies, including high pressure metal molding
  • Fold down back with a flip of a lever
  • Easy to adjust gas spring design, making it easy to adjust the system for effortless repositioning
  • Foot propulsion
  • Frame width, frame depth, backrest height, seat to floor height and CG are all easily adjustable
  • Multi-customisable options - refer to script for full details
Seat Width 14" to 22"
Seat Depth 14" to 20"
Minimum Seat to Floor Height 13"
Back height 13" - 20"
Rear Wheel Size 12" -24"
Castor Size 4" - 8"
Armrest height 8.5" - 13.5"
User Weight Limit 113 kg
Total Unit Weight 11.7 kg
Tilt range 0° - 20°

What happens if I need to make a warranty claim on a Ki Mobility wheelchair that has been purchased previously?

Allied Medical will handle all new warranty claims from 16 October, with the support of the team at Ki Mobility

Can I source spare parts for Ki Mobility wheelchairs that I receive from the reissue store?

Yes, spare parts for all Ki Mobility products are available through Allied Medical. To help us find the right parts please make sure you let us know the wheelchair’s serial number.