Somna Comforter

Most people use the comforter to gather themselves, find a sense of security, feel calmer and bring down stress levels.

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The Somna Comforter is a daytime product with the same positive properties as the Somna Blanket, with its two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side. The comforter is good to have in your lap, or it can be wrapped around your shoulders. You can also use the comforter when you’re laying down, as a narrow blanket. 

Somna's sensory interventions have been used extensively to help beat insomnia and assist people affected by a range of conditions including anxiety, dementia, neurological illnesses, mental health conditions, brain injury, autism and behavioural difficulties. ⠀

Somna products come with a 2 year warranty.


The combination of a heavy blanket and weak lung capacity may obstruct proper breathing. Therefore, monitor users of the Comforter where this may be a risk. Risk of tripping if left on floor.
The Comforter contains steel chains. Consult the user’s doctor if they have surgically inserted devices that may be affected by the metal content.
Check that the Comforter does not cover wheelchair controls or obstruct wheel movement.

Dimensions H x W
4 KG 125 x 70cm
5 KG 200 x 70cm
7 KG 200 x 70cm
15 KG 200 x 140cm

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