Somna Vest

The Somna Vest offers a calming, focusing effect for the wearer.

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The Somna Vest is a daytime product that primarily affects the sense of touch and the muscle/joint senses. The user’s body receives stimuli thanks to the Vest’s weight and embracing effect. The pressure helps the body to relax and wind down thanks to external stimulus. The collar provides extra weight and grounding, from the shoulders and down through the body.

The Somna Vest offers the same calming, focusing effect as our blankets and comforters, but in a wearable form. The vest should be worn as close to the body as possible, and can be used with a sweater or jacket on top. To ensure flexibility and retain freedom of movement, there are no chains over the shoulders and shoulder blades. The embracing effect can be adapted by adjusting the straps around the body. The vest and the detachable weighted collar can be used together or separately.

When you need support throughout the day when studying, doing an activity or working, you can use a Somna Vest. Most people who use it have some kind of stress and anxiety. Some people wear the vest to cope in social situations, and some to prepare themselves for a stressful activity, such as going to the shops. The Somna Vest helps you to maintain focus and filter out unnecessary impressions.

Somna products come with a 2 year warranty.


The combination of a heavy/tight vest and weak lung capacity may obstruct proper breathing.
Therefore, monitor users of the Vest where this may be a risk.
Risk of tripping if left on floor.
The Vest contains steel chains. Consult the user’s doctor if they have surgically inserted devices that may be affected by the metal content.
Take care to ensure the Vest does not catch when playing.

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