Dreamline Contour Cushion

The Dreamline Contour Cushion is designed for active users who are at risk of pressure areas. As well as providing pressure relief, it offers a high degree of comfort.

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Dreamline cushions use unique multiple convex curves to offer a high degree of comfort and pressure relief and encourage an upright seating position. The cushions improve pressure relief and weight distribution even with posterior pelvic tilt. The curves also gently restrict forward migration and the forward portion of the cushion helps with better circulation to the lower legs and feet.

The Dreamline Contour cushion has 60 mm high contouring to provide maximum support and pressure distribution for the user. The deep contouring of this cushion acts as an integrated hip guide and abductor pommel supports. The sides and pommel sections of this cushion are reinforced with high density closed cell foam.

  • 60 mm high contouring
  • 60 mm medial thigh support
  • Reinforced pommel and lateral regions
  • High resilient foam base with Sunmate overlay
  • 2-way stretch incontinence cover with water resistant zip
  • 20-way stretch 3D mesh breathable outer cover with concealed handle and non-skid base
  • Includes obliquity infill pads
Cushion Composition Foam
Cover Composition Nylon/Polyester/PVC mix
Contoured Yes
Can accommodate a pelvic obliquity Yes
Can correct a pelvic obliquity Yes
Can accommodate leg length discrepancy Yes
Customisable Yes
Cushion Height 63.5 mm
Able to accommodate a drop seat base Yes (requires seat rail cut-outs)
Able to be adjusted by user No
User Weight Limit 136 kg
Total Cushion Weight 1.5 kg
Size Range 12” x 12”, 12” x 14”, 14” x 14”, 14” x 16”, 16” x 16”, 16” x 18”, 16” x 20”, 18” x 16”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 20”, 20” x 20”
Custom sizes available Yes
Warranty 2 years
Spare Covers Available Yes
Incontinent Covers Available Standard
Accessories Available Rigidiser, Rigid Lateral Support
Maintenance Required None

How will I know which wheelchair cushion or backrest is right for me and my needs?

Get an expert to help you! Your wheelchair therapist (or Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist) will help you decide what you need from these products and source these items for you to try. There are numerous different products and brands in the New Zealand market so the choice is vast - but each style has different advantages and disadvantages. Your therapist will be able to talk you through these and help short-list some appropriate products for you.

If you are looking for a wheelchair cushion and/or backrest for a family member, you need to think about what their needs are.  Some of the factors that need to be considered are the following:

  • Does the user have a history of pressure areas or sores?
  • How long will the user be sitting in the wheelchair for each day?
  • Are there any incontinence issues?
  • Does the user have any significant postural challenges e.g. slumps to one side?

Cushions offer several of the following features – comfort, pressure relief and positioning. There is also a range of different materials that these are made from and some require more ongoing maintenance than others.  Our Customer Care team can talk you through the various options to find the ones within our range that will work the best for the user.

Can I trial different backrests and wheelchair cushions?

Yes - we are more than happy to send these items out on trial, as long as a therapist has requested it. It is really important that you have the opportunity to try these products as we all have different comfort levels and needs. Generally the trial time frames are for two weeks and the therapist - and sometimes one of our product specialists - will set the product up to meet your needs and show you how to adjust it if necessary.

How do I wash my cushion cover?

Different manufacturers have different washing instructions. Each cushion should come complete with washing instructions within the product manual, so we recommend you read this.

  • For Ottobock and Dreamline cushions, turn the cushion inside out and machine wash on a regular cycle. Air dry flat.
  • For Varilite cushions, zip the cover closed and place good side out in a washing machine. Air dry flat.
  • We do not recommend that any covers go into the tumble dryer.

Can I sit on the wheelchair cushion without its cover on it, while the cover is being washed?

We don't really recommend this. The cover is an important part of the cushion and the two parts are designed to work as a team.

How long will a cushion or backrest last?

We would expect most wheelchair cushions and backrests to last for at least five years. However, this does depend on how the item is cared for.

How do I adjust a Varilite cushion to contour to me?

Begin with the cushion fully inflated and valve closed. Transfer onto the cushion and open the valve by turning counter clockwise. Listen for a change in pitch and close the valve.

Are wheelchair backs easily removable so that I can fold up my wheelchair and take it in the car?

Yes. Different styles and brands of wheelchair backrests have different types of mounting brackets. Most of these simply unclip and allow the backrest to be pulled off. When you are ready to put it back on, it simply slots back into place and then is secured using the clips already on the wheelchair back canes.

Need more advice or help?

Our team of Key Account Specialists are available to work with therapists to help set up equipment, help with selection of the correct product and trouble shoot. Our Customer Care Team are on the phones from 8am to 5.30pm every weekday on 0800 31 61 81 or you can email them (click here).

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