Breg Bracing and Supports

13 June, 2018

Written by Allied Medical

Breg Products now available from Allied Medical Limited.

Breg is the second largest US provider of orthopaedic bracing that support patients from conservative treatment to pre and post surgery. 

Our new range of Breg products is readily available for purchase and we are currently stocking a variety of products from knee braces, to shoulder slings and moon boots. We're also able to order in any Breg products we don't have in stock for you and you can request a full Breg brochure here.

Breg started providing bracing & therapy solutions in 1989 and has been a major player in the sports medicine industry since. Building it's reputation around Customer Care, a value we very much identify with, Breg continuously developed their product range and transformed into the industry-leading company it is today. In addition to developing the technology of their products, they also provide consulting and technology services providing an all-round support system in the sports medicine industry.

You can see how their resources can support you (not just your injury) via their website as they have many videos and resources available to download.

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