Dennis' Story

When Dennis was first shown the Ride Java Cushion, he laughed at the sales rep. No way was that hard piece of foam going to help me out.

Blessed with a flat ass it didn’t matter what kind of seating cushion or wheelchair system I used, pressure mapping always showed a hotspot at the point of my left ishey. Not surprising that after 30 years, my bottom finally gave out and I came down with chronic osteomyelitis. I needed surgery to remove bone and years of callused scar tissue from my bottom.

This, and a year in bed, I was ready to try something new.

The only reason I looked at this cushion was because I had run out of solutions. My plastic surgeon told me that I needed to do pressure releases every 15 minutes. The recommendation was impractical at best. A C4 quadriplegic for over 30 years, I drive with a chin control. A real pressure release requires tilting and reclining to an absurd angle, one that would cause me to no longer be able to reach my chin control, stranding me like a turtle on his back. Secondly, my job requires that I chair (no pun intended) meetings and do presentations that can last an hour or more. Like I said, impractical; and I’m sure I’m not alone in this reality.

I’ve been using the Java Cushion for six months-so far so good. With the Ride seating cushion, there is zero pressure on my bottom; zero. When checking my skin at the end of the day, I no longer have to worry about whether my cushion is inflated to the right level. The guesswork is gone. In addition, the cushion keeps me centered and in a sitting position that is far better for my posture. Do I still need pressure releases, absolutely, but I can do them on my time.

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