Oliver's Story

Oliver's used the inmuRELAX to help him drift off to sleep at night. The inmuRELAX was able to intuitively make sounds as needed then stop as soon as Oliver fell asleep.

What Allied Medical Product are you using and how long have you had it in your life?

The inmuRELAX. I work at Allied Medical and they loaned my sons an inmuRELAX to try after a difficult period for our family. We had the inmuRELAX for about a year and a half.

What is the difference that it makes in your daily life? Is there anything particularly special that this product helps you to do?

Both of my boys loved using the inmuRELAX but my youngest, Oliver, who was three at the time seemed absolutely drawn to it. At that stage, he was needing someone to lay down with him to go to sleep at night and would cry if we left the room. Instantly when we got the inmuRELAX he was happy to be left in his bed to fall asleep on his own. It was great as it only played music while he was moving it around and once he fell asleep, it automatically turned off. You could see how calm and safe it made him feel and he would ask for it every night. Our older son used it occasionally also - not to go to sleep but for times he felt anxious or needed downtime. Oliver used the inmuRELAX until he turned five then announced he didn’t need it to go to sleep anymore and has gone to sleep on his own without any sleep aids since.

Would you recommend this product and why?

I would highly recommend this. It is an amazing product for pretty much anyone - I feel like everyone could use one of these in their life! It's so easy and uncomplicated that anyone can just pick it up and use it.

Answers from Oliver's Mum, Tania.

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