Somna Stories

01 July, 2018

For ten years Somna have helped people of all ages, suffering from cognitive disabilities, sleeping problems and mental illness. Here you can read testimonials from consumers and professionals using the Somna weighted therapy products for specific conditions.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
I often mind my grandson who is severely autistic. I learnt of the Somna blankets and their calming effects and used the blanket on his recent visit to aid his sleep. He immediately settled, and it was very apparent that he enjoyed a more restful and longer sleep. During a recent meltdown we wrapped him in the blanket and it settled him quickly. When he is resting he likes to feel the weight and seems to fiddle with the blanket in meditative way.

Huntington Disease
A patient of mine with severe Huntington and very involuntary movements used the Somna blanket by hanging it outside in the cold before using it. Then she putted the chain side down towards her body when having a hard time. This gave her a huge relief and a chance to recover.

Cerebral Palsy
I suffer from spasticity in my upper body which every night causes me to unintentionally rise very quickly. With the heavy Somna Blanket, this problem goes away and I have a better night’s sleep.

Bipolar Disorder
It’s a great feeling to be able to sleep 7-8 hours a night. For thirty years, I’ve been suffering from sleeping problems and I’ve tested all the different sleeping pills and therapies there is. I’ve been on sleeping courses, attended sleep clinics and used cognitive therapy, all of this with no effect. Now I sleep and wake up refreshed. It feels like I’ve got my life back.

A man with far-reaching dementia at an elderly home was wandering around at night and disturbing the other residents with his constant activity after dark. After he started to use an 8 kg Somna® Blanket the residence became much calmer. It didn’t just help the man, it helped the whole residence.

Aged Care
In working in aged care, the Somna Comforter is highly recommended for residents in high back chairs or wheelchairs. A resident experiencing high anxiety during late afternoon had the comforter on their lap and the anxiety minimised.

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